Hi, welcome to a campaign of renewal and sacrifice.
Three hundred years ago the world ended. The moon broke in half, the gods left the mortal realm alone and the undead rose in such numbers that most of the world was quickly destroyed. To save the few who survived a brilliant mage lifted three cities and his mage school into the sky. The world below fell into chaos and death as the undead ravaged The world.
In order for the cities to survive a few were choosen to be sent to the world below to gather needed supplies and tools for survival. These few are called mudlarks. it is not an honorable position but it is respected. You are a mudlark.

At the start of play, all players will roleplay their introduction to Blyddyn, captain of Blyddyn’s Bugbears. “So, ye want to be a bugbear aye? Tell me what ya got and why I should let yea on me boat.”

All credit to Ryan Phillips for sharing an idea he had back when we were in college. He told me of this world he was thinking about making and I never heard anymore about it but the idea was firmly lodged in my brain and I have been thinking about it since. Thanks Ryan!


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