Opening session

The different adventurers for their own motives and reasons has come to Blyydyn’s office to interview for mudlark positions.

Blyydyn interviews the members of the party and we all shuffle onto the Queen Lily. We meet with the 3rd Lieutenant John Mclain and he explains the workings of the ship. He splits the new recruits into two groups. The adventurers are grouped together into group B.

He explains the mission: A patron has paid the ship to uncover secrets in an old mage tower on the way to Tenby.

As we approach the site of the mission, the team meets the paton who is funding the mission a halfling named Sigismund Greenhill. He produces the deed to the old wizard tower and explains he was working on a spell similar to one Sigismund is currently working on. He needs the mudlarks to escort him to Bogo the Great’s library and find his personal journal.

The time of the drop comes, and the B team jumps off the Queen with rope pulleys attached. The teams split up to search the town. In searching the town, the team comes across what appears to be a tree, but a sickly evil eye peers out at them.

After a hard fought battle with blighttwigs, Team B stands victorious and unsure how to enter the house the twigs appeared to be guarding. During their inspection, the 3rd Lieutenant and the remaining members of Team A come sprinting in their direction wounded and winded…

100xp per character

Copper: 36
Silver: 38
Gold: 47

You also find a short sword, well oiled, wrapped in leather, and bound in a bundle of cloth. Time has not yet taken its toll on the sword but it is non magical.


timstackpole Kill_Thief_Oryan

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