The strange house

Claire and Sigismund collaboratively examine the house and figure out that its actually an illusion. While inspecting further, Kel and Mal see the remainder of team A sprinting towards them with a large mob of skeletons chasing them.

After a few rounds of fighting retreat, a mysterious hooded figure on a skeletal horse appears amidst the skeletons. A few keen eyed shots are it from the group, seem to have no effect.

At the last second, Sigismund finishes his spell to break the illusion of the house open and the group rushes inside as skeletons claw at their backs.

Inside the dilapidated house is an amazingly appointed mansion. Meeting with a strange butler creature, the group stops for some food, before being told that needed to make their way through the house and find the master in his quarters. Passing through a hallway of talking paintings, the group arrives in a room with a magical playing orchestra. The music is so soothing that Kel falls asleep in a nearby chair. While trying to wake him, one of the other chairs in the room comes alive and attacks the group. The creature falls with a mighty swing of Mal’s hammer and the group collects itself.

Passing through the door, the group comes across a stone giant sitting at a pool in the middle of a beautiful jungle. To get the key around the giant’s neck and move past him, the group had to first answer a riddle and then defeat the giant in a drinking contest.


timstackpole Kill_Thief_Oryan

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