• Claire the Sprite

    Claire the Sprite

    "I will purge the world of all evil," roars an abnormally tall telepathic sprite
  • Jacques the Satyr

    Jacques the Satyr

    "Party hard dude," says the stoned, pipe playing Satyr
  • Kel Jaeger

    Kel Jaeger

    Whirlwind of Fury
  • Malcom Doomscar

    Malcom Doomscar

    Heals and Hammers
  • Robin Goodfellow

    Robin Goodfellow

    Rogue (assassin); takes it upon himself to cleanse the truly wicked from EWO. Those whose crimes have no true restitution and who do not repent must fear short and pointy darkness! Or words to that effect.
  • Thrax Brasscale

    Thrax Brasscale

    Dragonborn Paladin of the Ancients